The jujube is a medium-sized deciduous tree that reaches a height of 7–10 metres. The jujube fruit is oval shape, reminiscent of a date and is also known as a Chinese date or red date. Jujube fruits are eaten fresh, dried or processed as ‘Chinese dates’ that are used in confectionery, breads, cake, candy, compote and jam.

Jujube is a good nutrition, known as the "king of fruits."The vitamin content is very high, has the "natural vitamin pill" reputation.Jujube contains rich vitamin A, B, C and a variety of vitamins necessary for human body and 18 kinds of amino acids, minerals. Among which, its vitamin C is 70 ~ 80 times as high as grapes, apple. The Jujube also contains high quantity of  rutin (vitamin P). Rutin (vitamin P) and Vitamin C has certain effect to prevent cancer , high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

We supply the following serials of red dates(jujube) products.

1、Sliced Red Dates

2、Pitted Red Dates

3、Dried Red Dates

4、Red Dates Cut in Half

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